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Hi from New York! Been following you forever, since the early days addressing low carb and fasting; surprised I don’t see more comments on your posts! I’m glad to see your latest endeavors are bearing fruit. I struggle with getting to sleep earlier as well; perhaps you are like me and are just wired to be on a later schedule; I’ve always been more focused in the evenings. It’s never easy for me to get to sleep early in the wintertime; so I try to focus on getting enough hours of sleep. Good luck with all the cool stuff you’re working on!

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Hey Barbara, sorry for not replying earlier. Don't be surprised, it seems that substack is quite quiet when it comes to commenting. I've looked at people with tens of thousands of subscribers and you can barely see a comment here or there. Don't know why.

I'm still to move in the right direction when it comes to sleep, sleeping before midnight, waking up before 8. :) You know, if you really wanna do it, you will do it.

There was a time when I used to be asleep by 11 and awoke by 8, which is more than ideal. Anyway, thanks for interacting and I look forward to returning to NYC soon. It's been a while.

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